we had a great trip to Iran with a nice couple from Portugal , Ana & Pedro
here Ana is saying something about herself and her experience with Alianstours !


Hello!  everyone !

I have a degree in Biochemistry but it is in travel that I find one of my great passions.

I love exploring different places and writing about the trips I take.’

Welcome to my story about travel to Beautiful Iran.






scheduled for Iran when protests erupted over the death of Mahsa Amini on 17 September. We had bought the ticket since July and, given this situation, we began to consider whether we should go. The trip would only be in December, which allowed us some time to monitor the situation and make a decision. But the question prevailed – would it be safe to travel to Iran ?


I knew that the news is always negative, but not always realistic, so I decided to question those who live there and who, after all, are the face behind the protests – the Iranians. I delved into dozens of Facebook groups and Couch-surfing forums, always with the same question – “I have a trip scheduled to Iran, is it safe to go?” Over here, opinions were divided in a generous ratio. 60% of people told us that it was safe to make the trip, that the protests were between the people and the government and that they did not affect foreigners in any way.

Even so, I went looking for the opinion of foreigners who were traveling in the country at the time. Especially because the locals, despite being honest and always giving us their perspective, are in a bubble. A bubble that is necessarily different from the bubble a tourist finds himself in when he is in such a different country. I knew of some people who had been to Iran and I went looking for even more contacts in Facebook groups. The opinion here was clearer – everyone had traveled without any problems.

It was time to pack the backpack. This text was written on the 26th of November 2022, the day we flew to Tehran. If you’re reading it now, it’s because everything went well, and we’re already in Turkey. It was not an act of courage, but a risky decision. It went well, but it could have gone badly. And if it went wrong, it would go from an act of courage to an act of irresponsibility. I am fully aware that it was a risky decision, among many we take in life.

well!  its all about our situation before travel to Iran!
We had an amazing time with Ali 🤍 He received us in Tehran and drive us through Qom, Kashan, Abyaneh , Natanz and Isfahan. He was a very smart men, with a great knowledge about Iran history and culture. But, and the most important, he was a great human being. During the 2 days we spend together, Ali was very kind and respectful. Always trying to make us happy. He also helped us doing others things like buy a SIM card and find a properly hotel in Isfahan. We travel in Iran during the protests of december 2022 and, beyond the current situation, we had a great and safe experience. Do not let to visit Iran 🤍