We can’t say how amazing was our first tour on February 2024 with a lovely family from Taiwan. Lillian was the person who contacted us Several month before coming to Iran. And She wanted to use our services for some Special days.

Our meeting point was IKA(Imam Khomeini Airport) in Tehran . Alireza was the person that came there to pick up them . so you can hear the rest of the story from Alireza.

Yes ! I met them in the Airport and of course wait for 1 hour more when they had collected their visa in the airport.
We have a nice culture that when a person come to us from along trip , we go to welcome him/her with flowers.

Lilian came with her Brother Chia and his son Jonathan , after getting on the car we moved to Qom . Qom is an important religious City in Iran After Mashhad.
we visited the shrine of lady Fatima Masume and old bazaar in Qom. It was like a big surprise for them as a first point. Also here we had a chance to see how people are cooking Sohan , the Special souvenir Of Qom.

Afterward we moved to Kashan and we had our first lunch with our Taiwanese Tourist in a traditional fancy restaurant that called Sandbad restaurant . We finished our lunch and moved to bazaar to exchange some money and see the sunset on the rooftop of Bazaar of Kashan. And how beautiful our day ended.

Kashan was a nice place for them that was  quiet as  an small city . we left Kashan and continued our way to Abyaneh village On  the third day. our guest were lucky because of first snow in Iran in the winter after a long time , also it was a surprise for them because  they don’t have snow in Taiwan.

It’s time to go to Natanz and finally Isfahan. Lillian had preferred to visit Isfahan by herself and I came to Isfahan  to pick them up after 2 days.

We started our day a bit earlier , because to go to Shiraz and on the way we had 3 important site to visit
– Pasargad ( tomb of Cyrus the great)
– Necropolis
– Persepoliswe managed to visit these places in a day and have a chance to be in Persepolis during the sunset or golden hours. yes we did it!









Shiraz is a lovely city in Iran and when you go there you can feel it the atmosphere . Shiraz was busy because of some National holiday! (22 Bahman) . We were lucky that had booked our hotels in Advance.
We were able to visit(Nasirolmolk mosque) pink mosque , Narenjestan garden , Vakil complex (Bazaar , Mosque,Bathhouse) , Shahcheragh ( the king of light) holy shrine and many other places.


you can try different Iranian local foods whenever you are in Iran.

finally last day of our trip came and we must left Shiraz and move to Yazd. We had a long way and a short stop in Abarkouh to visit Aghazade House. Aghazade house is an Old house that was built during Qajar dynasty. it’s unique becuase of the biggest 2 floor wind tower in the world and you can find its picture on 20.000 rial Banknote of Iran.

After having a delicious lunch, we continued our way to Yazd and visited the Tower of Silence. This was the last place we visited together. Finally, I dropped them off in front of their hotel in Yazd and we said goodbye.

if  I want to say about my experience with this lovely Taiwanese family during these 7 days, I can say there were so friendly, kind  and all the time I tried to give them information about our history and culture. I wanted to say thanks them because of everyday tip 🙂 . It was one of my best experiences  with this  family from Taiwan.