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Popular Hotels

Shiraz High
Shiraz Iran

Shiraz Hotel is a five star hotel which is located in the city of Shiraz, the birthplace of Persian culture and art. This hotel, with 40000 m² area in 14 floors, is situated in neighborhood of the holy Quran gate and it is close to touristic places in Shiraz.

Tehran High
Tehran Iran

Espinas Palace Hotel is a hotel with a flair for services. A stay in the Palace is always a special time for our guests. The Palace features all the amenities and services of a luxury five-star hotel coupled with attraction and a unique feel-at-home atmosphere.

Kashan High
Kashan Iran

Saraye Ameriha is a large historic house in Kashan, Iran. It was originally built as a family residence during Zand dynasty for Agha Āmeri, the governor of Kashan, and it is now restored and transformed into a traditional-style museum and hotel.

Yazd Mid
Yazd Iran

The renovation and reconstruction of Yazd Pars Hotel was completed in 2016.This building, which dates back to the Qajar period, with a history of more than two centuries, has been able to make a pleasant and invigorating environment for its travelers and tourists by combining traditional and modern architectures

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