Dress Code In IRAN

You Need to Dress Appropriately Iran is an Islamic country, and as such you need to follow the Islamic dress code. Here are some things to keep in mind. Females Women need to cover their arms, legs and head. This including a Hijab, loose long length shirt with long sleeves and pants. Leggings or tight […]

Best time to travel to Iran

The best time to travel to Iran is during the mild temperatures of autumn (September to December) and spring (March to June). Summer is really too hot, particularly the south. And obviously winter is specially too cold, hard to enjoy the mountains and deserts. so if you travel to Iran during the summer , it’s  […]

Let Your Guard Down and Talk to Locals

Let Your Guard Down and Talk to Locals One of the best experiences you will have in Iran is spending time with all the friendly locals. And trust us; you’ll get plenty of opportunities if you are open to it. The city squares are usually where locals will approach you to welcome you to their […]